Why would you change something about yourself?

I like myself and I am not afraid to tell others that I do. I would not change anything about myself and that is what people think is unbelievable. Personally I would not change anything about myself because everything about me is what makes me me. I sit and think that some people say they would change things about themselves if they could, but if you really sit down and think about it, changing something about yourself will not make you a better person or will it make you feel different about yourself. It takes a while for a person to love everything about themselves but it is possible. I am not very critical of myself because I would not change anything about myself. Every imperfection that I have is mine and I have a story behind each and if there is no story then I can accept that it just happened.

Everyone has this list of things they would change about themselves but if you take a minute a look at what you would change about yourself and ask why do I want to change this then you will see why you would not want to change yourself. When you look at people who have plastic surgery once and then they have to go back and get something else done and then something else, someone is trying to change something about themselves but they are not happy with themselves and who they are.

I could not be the person I am today id I was not who I am today and have always been. Changing something about yourself is not going to fix how you feel about yourself or how you behave. It is only a temporary fix. So I do not want to change anything about myself because I am happy and content with who I am and I would not want to change that for anyone.