A Good Woman by Whose Standards

Today there are so many ways in which society defines what is a woman. Is a woman the person that does all the household duties and knows her place in a relationship, or is she an independent woman who is able to do for herself and not have to depend on others to do most things for her.
Whether your definition of a woman is either type, just think about what you see a woman as and how you came up with that image, and see does it still apply. Their are many definitions of what a woman should be and how young girls should aspire to become like these specific women because they are good women. When it comes to what makes a woman a woman, how can any woman win? According to the standards that society has placed on what it means to be a woman and what roles she should take on, they vary depending on what perspective you are looking from.

Just sit down and think about what image pops up when you think about what is a good woman? Are the images that you see the same images that you see perpetuated in the media or religiously or is it what you think a woman should be. Does this image line up with the most important women in your life, and would you like your daughter or niece to take on this definition of what a woman is. Just think about it.