Southern Belle or Crab in the Barrel Syndrome

I finished watching the season premiere of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”, and the only thing I could think about were stereotypes, negativity, and the meaning of a black southern belle. Let’s start with a black southern belle.
I don’t know what the character is trying to prove or what they except to be portrayed, but once she said she was a southern belle and then to see her character I became confused. It wasn’t that long ago that black women were not considered in no shape, form or fashion anything close to a southern belle, but once a depiction of a southern belle is displayed it is negatively. While I watched the episode all I could think about is what constitutes a black southern belle. According to the television is a conceited black women who gossips alot, thinks she is better than every other black woman who is either on the same level or some where near the same level, has money, a job, a man, and is very materialistic. I don’t know if this what the description they were looking for but it is what I got from the show. Not only is she all those things but she does not want to see any woman do better than her. Maybe I am wrong, but let’s move on to the stereotypes.
I understand that stereotypes exist so that we have some way of categorizing people whether good or bad, we can not live without them. Although this is true, you can deviate from them. The women on this show each have a stereotypical role, that most black shows have. Although the person may not truly conduct themselves in this manner they are allowing there character to be categorized in a stereotype. Black women are already so many negative things, and there stereotypes are still out there for them to be placed in. The show does not show any good traits of the characters and are not deviating from what is expected of stereotypical black women. The only difference in most stereotypes and this show is that these women have money.
The representation of the entire show is casting a negative light on how black women or self proclaimed southern belles conduct themselves. Negativity is not something that shows of this nature should strive for or women of this caliber live for. The approach that the show is taking is starting rocky but is succeeding because it is living up to the expectations of what people expect black women to be.
According to what the women on the show say no one has any money and they don’t know why that person is on the show. Typical of what stereotypical black people should feel and act like.
Just think on a few things: what is a black southern belle, why the repetitive stereotypes, and why all the negativity?


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