Agree to Disagree

Can you really not agree to disagree? We were in class tonight and I was really wondering about the entire concept of can you agree to disagree within the context of shared meaning and different perspectives. For me agreeing to disagree is okay at some points in time. You are still able to see the other person’s perspective and you can respect it and still hold your same opinion. How is agreeing to disagree and respecting opinions different? By respecting someone’s opinion you are in a sense agreeing to disagree because you see realize that is how the person views a certain opinion. So, in general you are being exposed to different perspectives. So as this relates to shared meaning, if we can’t agree to disagree then that would mean that everyone has the same opinion and their would be no need for criticism or debate. I think this statement is quite far-fetched but it gets to the point I am trying to make. So agreeing to disagree is a way to see various perspectives and to increase other’s knowledge about what they know.


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