What’s the difference?

Today has been one of those days. I now realize that some people see that the entire feminist movement is one and their should be no separation. I begged to differ and I differed because I identify as a black feminist and she was making my stance seem like it was not as important because it did not completely identify with the feminist movement but also included overcoming racism. I have to think, do people realize that class and race make other’s experiences different. Although we all want equality, I as a black woman have to face things other than just sexism. Even if I defeat sexism, racism will still be a hindrance. So we can’t be completely the same because there are other oppressions that I have to face. I can’t just fight sexism as if racism does not exist.

How can you be upset because people do not have the same experiences and would like to make those experiences known, the reason is because some people have to face other oppressions besides sexism!

Just saying, please look into other realms of feminism before you make a statement about you being upset because of the “division”.


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