Who will if I fail to do it?

As I am continuing my education in communication and Black feminism, I am realizing that if I don’t talk about, research and keep Black women in the forefront of my work, then few will. I am working on a project and I looked up the word Feminism. As I was reading Wikipedia, I saw that the only women truly being represented were White women, as if Black women did nothing when it came to the feminist movement. Only a few Black women were acknowledged and even then it was brief just a run of their names. How do you just ignore the impact that women such as Maria Stewart, Anna Julia Cooper, Ida B. Wells, Mary Church Terrell and many more, had on the feminist movement. These women are not mentioned when you talk about feminism in general but they are so important.
Then there is the question why does everyone have to be separate and have separate feminisms? Well, when you think about how these women have been erased from the feminist movement and history in general to just small segments of history, then you might understand why their needs to be specific segments of feminism. Then, there is the fact that Black women have to face racism AND sexism and most of the time, if not all, at the same time. That changes how you move in the world and how you see the world. The problem I have is that people who say they are feminists and they believe this notion that all women regardless of race or class should be a feminist, because we are all women and the feminist movement helps all women. Yeah we are all women but that is about it. True, we want to be treated like human beings and have equal rights and pay and not be discriminated against because I am women, but women of color have a few more obstacles to overcome before we can truly accomplish those goals. Sometimes you need to be separate from people who don’t truly understand particular things about you and be with people who understand you without having to explain everything.
I knew I wanted to study Black women, but know I question that if I fail to see the importance of the Black women who made huge contribution to the society that we have, then why should anyone else see them as important. So in order for these women not to be erased from history that they helped change, acknowledgment and appreciation is due. I can’t hold anyone else accountable for not acknowledging these women, if I don’t do the same, so acknowledging and appreciating is what I will do.


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