The choice has been made, you Lose.

Okay for the second time in less than six months, women of color have been attacked regarding their reproductive rights. Here’s the latest:

Here We Go Again: Anti-Abortionists Say the Wombs of Latinas Are ‘Dangerous’ « Clutch Magazine.

 Let’s think about the messages they are trying to send. They don’t want you to have too many kids, because women of color are not responsible enough to take care of them.  If they do have these kids then, it is thought that they will need government assistance because they are to lazy to work and take care of their own children.  This is a common misconception. The second message is, if you do get pregnant don’t have an abortion because that is not the right thing to do. 

Well there are two conflicting ideas here, because if women of color have more than their share of children according to standards set by society then they are just living off the system but if they make the choice that having a child is not the best thing for them at the moment, then they are still seen in a negative light. It is a lose-lose situation.  The only people being targeted for making a choice about having a child or not, are women of color.  That seems to be an issue. 

Throughout history, the white woman has been protected because she was deemed delicate and in need of protection.  The kind of protection that was not offered to women of color.  Sojourner Truth called out this one-sided treatment by asking the simple question, “Ain’t I a Woman”. Not only did she, but so did Ida. B. Wells who warned white men that if they kept doing the same things, evidence would come out to prove that the white women the white men sought to protect were not as delicate and innocent as they expected.  And let’s not forget the breeder woman, whose job was to only have children for the master so that he could continue to have people to work for him.  So it is not a problem for a white woman to make this decision because evidently she has thought this through and has made her decision based on important factors. Women of color however are not able to have this choice, they are just wrong regardless of the situation.  The only time it was acceptable for women of color to give birth to many children was during slavery when the slave owners needed the worker.  Even then it was not a choice, rather a duty.  So women of color do not have this freedom to make a choice about parenthood because the choice has already been made.

It is safe for women of color to take care of other people’s children, but they can’t take care of their own and shouldn’t have them.  Isn’t that quite ironic?


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