This could be a good thing

I have recently become intrigued with the new show “Reed Between the Lines” coming this October on BET. This could be a good thing. Looking at television shows about Black families you find stereotypical roles. Tyler Perry’s shows “Meet the Browns” and “House of Payne” are each stereotypical Black families. It shows a stereotypical dysfunctional family.
“Reed Between the Lines” are taking a modern-day, what I would call “Cosby” approach to being a family. True, the entire concept behind the Cosby’s is uncommon and will not happen but it did provide a positive view of Black families. It showed that their can be positive Black families with two working parents living a middle-class lifestyle and taking a huge part in their children’s lives. “Reed Between the Lines” can offer a positive perspective on Black families. Unlike Tyler Perry who needs a large Black man to be funny “Reed Between the Lines” seems to be taking a middle-class family and showing how it works.

This new television show could be a great start to an old approach at wholesome family television. Could this show become a stereotypical mess, yes, but hopefully it doesn’t. I can’t wait to see how this show turns out. I will be waiting on the premiere and hoping that this show will provide a different type of Black family.


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