Black women friendships

As I am continuing my research for my thesis, it has come to my attention that for as many Black women who say they don’t have females friends their are twice as many that do. Being one of those people who have quite a few female friends, who are mostly Black I find comfort in this. I find comfort in knowing that although everyone has had that one bad experience with another Black woman that has not stopped them from writing off all Black women. As I am conducting research for a smaller study for my thesis, I have to ask people specifically do they have a black girl friend and a black best girl friend. Some say yes and others are like no. For the people who do not have that close relationship with other Black women, I ask them who do they talk to about racism and some of the racist things that go on around campus. Once that question is asked they always think of a close Black girl friend but would not really consider her a friend for real. Well at least you have someone to talk to that understands.
I hope that as I continue this study that I will be able to show people that Black women are able to have close intimate relationships, as opposed to the stuff that you see on television. The relationship may not be peaches and creme but it is not always hell on wheels either.
Until we meet again, I wish every Black female friendship so much love!!!!!


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