Ride or Die Friends?

As I catch up on reality tv and put into context the comments about them from my Facebook and Twitter feeds, I am being exposed to people’s true feelings about being a ride or die type of person in a relationship specifically romantic relationships. This discussion centers around Chrissy and Jim Jones relationship and how they have been together for so long and not married or at least engaged to a degree that everyone can agree on. Then there is T.I. and Tiny and her willingness to wait for him after each jail stint he served and less not forget Cynthia on the RHOA. She was willing to back her man’s venture by investing money in his company to get it started because she wanted him to know she was there for him. Well when you ask people what they want in a relationship they are quick to say honesty, trust, loyalty, communication, commitment and other things, but when you are looking at people doing those things and who are committed to the long haul then it is seen as a negative to some people. Well to each its own, but don’t you have that one ride or die friend, not romantic partner or family member, just a friend?
One of the things that interest me are friendships specifically women’s friendships. So I have to wonder what if you had a friend who was committed and loyal to you like no other person. We all want that person who will have our back when no one else doesn’t, don’t we? We want that person who we don’t have to question there intentions because we know they want what is best for us? Well if we want all of these things in a friendship, then we have to be willing to give these same characteristics to that person. Friendships and most romantic relationships are voluntary, so unlike family you are able to pick and choose who you want in your life, but once that person gets close to you don’t you want to know that they are there for you without a shadow of a doubt. Just wondering why some people think being ride or die is all bad, when honestly I have 3 ride or die friends that I am thankful to have in my life. I know that if I did something I wasn’t proud of and wanted someone to confide in my ride or die friends would be there for me. If I had to go to jail they would be the people I called to get me out because I know they would do any and everything to do so. They are also the people who will tell me their honest opinion and I know that it is because they care.
If you look for or have ride or die friends who you choose to be in your life, romantic partners don’t have to be that far away. Whatever floats your boat is fine with me, but for those people who are invested in another person that much, I applaud you for seeing beyond what everyone else sees on the outside. I will take Ride or Die friends, but I am not the Ride or Die type of woman in a romantic relationship.


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