What Legacy will you Leave Behind?



Today is not only the holiday that we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday but also the 2nd inauguration of President Barack Obama. This means so many things for so many people. As I sit here and watch all of the festivities, I think about the legacy of these 2 men and the numerous people who participated in the ceremony. Everyone who participated in this ceremony, is now a part of history. Justice Sonia Sotomayor is the first Hispanic Justice and the first Hispanic to administer an oath office in U.S. history. Now, if that is not history then I don’t know what is (Just thought I would throw that in there). Not overlooking the contributions that everyone made today, most of them are building a legacy to leave behind. As I think about their legacy, I can only think about my own. As a grow older, what will be my legacy? How will people remember me? What contribution will I make to history?

As I think about my journey to becoming a part of the academic environment, I also think about whether my research will have an impact on history, in even the smallest form? I think about all the Black women who came before me who put in the work, but did not have their work acknowledged until after their death. They worked so hard to make a difference in the world around them, and were sometimes not able to see the change they were looking for. The one thing I learned is that they never gave up. They continued on their journey to a better world around them, regardless of what other thoughts or garner the recognition they deserved. I guess all that is left for me to do is to continue on my journey and do the work I think is important to me and my community. 

What legacy will you leave behind????


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