Not all Attention is Good

As I look around I am starting to realize that people do not get the concept that all attention is not good attention.  Sometimes you need to be cautious of the attention that you garner because some of it can cause reactions that you did not plan. As an undergrad, majoring in PR I learned that you have to gather attention to a product, person, cause, or anything, by tailoring the message to what you would like it to be. If you wanted the message to be a positive one you could not use negative attention and wish to change into something else.  If a crisis does happen you handle it the best way possible, making sure you do as little damage to your reputation as possible and gain something good from the situation.  You have to learn from your mistakes and fix them, not just allow them to continue to happen. This will soon become apparent to your audience that you may not be concerned with the outcome or your audience you are targeting.

When it comes to people, the same thing should apply. Their haven’t been to many people that have been able to garner negative attention and then make something of it. It is very rare that it happens this way.  However, some people do think that any attention is better than no attention and they try to capitalize on it.  Well, if you really don’t care about your reputation nor your image then maybe this will work for you, but if you care then you need to choose a different route.  As women in general, garnering attention that has nothing to do with your appearances is sometimes difficult, but it can be done.  Recently, Olympian Lolo Jones was criticized because people felt like she had become a celebrity not because of her athletic abilities but because of her appearance and sex appeal.  Not only does she have sex appeal but she is also a virgin. Ms. Jones has taken her appearance at the Olympics and has capitalized on it, and she has still managed to keep her “pure” image. Although some are now questioning why she is one of the most recognized women competing in the track and field events, when she has not won an event. Well the answer is simple, her publicist has cashed in on her “pure” image and made Lolo quite a bit of money. Not only does she have a nice reputation to fall back on, they have also been able to create an image that is marketable to a variety of audiences.

Well, all attention is not good, but you should be aware that attention for a good reason is GREAT!!!!