We/I the People/Person

We the PeopleAs I begin my life after college, I am really beginning to see that their are more “I” people than any other type of person. I must say, I pride myself in helping others whenever possible and I am happy when others help me. I guess it comes from the way that I was raised. Their was no such thing as only looking out for self, you took care of your family and close friends. So as I begin this journey into the real world, I realize this is not my mama’s house or my family circle, I am beginning to see that when the Constitution said “We the People”, that wasn’t completely true. People are now more concerned about themselves and having more than others than helping others who need help.

This whole idea has been on my mind for a while now. It began with the conversation surrounding the President’s Inaugural address. As I listened to the pundits, dissect the speech piece by piece, I began to notice more of the “for businesses”, and “taking care of everyone” sort of speech began to develop. I began to worry about whether, people really did feel like they were more as individual than as a nation. That helping others who need help, was not as important as making more money than you are able to spend. Their is nothing wrong with wanting a better life for yourself, but once you obtain a better life don’t forget that someone helped you when you needed help.

Well this gets me to a few things I learned in Intercutural Communication, while I was in graduate school. Cultures can be divided in:collectivist and individualist.  Collectivist individual are people who see themselves in relation to their social roles, family, and ethnic group. They do not see their accomplishments as something that they accomplished for themselves, but instead for their entire family or ethnic group. Individualist cultures are more focused on their person accomplishment and how they accomplishments will affect them.

Now as a whole, the United States of America would be considered an individualist culture because people are more concerned about their own welfare and taking care of themselves, than taking care of the nation and the people who are less fortunate than themselves. Although the nation as a whole is very individualist, their are cultures inside of America who are quite collectivist. Two prime examples are most Black and Hispanic cultures. Being that I know first hand, in my family we look out for each other, regardless. You are more likely to see Black and Hispanic families taking care of several generations of people at once. It is not unheard of to know someone in either culture who takes care of their parents or live in a small community with just their family members. 

Overall, it seems that people (specifically some/most Americans) are so concerned with what they have that they are unwilling to see how they can help others and see certain people’s perspective. It is sometimes hard for people who are able to assist others to do so, because it requires looking at the situation from their perspective and not your own. Am I saying you should give your all and/or last to people who are less fortunate, no. I am saying that if you are able to help someone even if it is not financially, you should. We should look outside how someone can help me, and see how you can help someone else. Although American society has made it difficult to think this way, it is not impossible. America has a past of only taking specific groups of people welfare into consideration, but that doesn’t mean that the principles that the nation was founded upon should be the same premise that we live on now. I wish I could say we are completely pass looking at our own benefit, but I would be lying. Is it really horrible that we as a nation want to assist people who needs assistance, or is it really to much to ask of you. So is America really “We the People”, or should it say “I the Person”?